We provide cleaning services for cleaning buildings, malls, offices and private residences and also supply manpower to companies like electricians, plumbers, cleaners or tea boys on a long term contract basis.

We have already got contracts with 2 banks (NBO and Bank Sohar) and 1 corporate company (Bin Mirza group). We have 40 staff from India and Pakistan.

Our cleaning contract rates are very competitive and are better than what other companies are charging. We can undertake the repairs, maintenance and cleaning activities in the following regions of Oman

  • 1. Capital Area
  • 2. Batinah area to cover Sohar, Shinas, Rustaq, Musna and Barka.
  • 3. Sharqiyah area to cover Sur, Ibra, Samad A Shan and all the neighboring areas.
  • 4. Dakhliya area to cover Sumail, Nizwa, Bahla and neighboring areas.